Baixian Tomb Xue Lin Building
One of three tre Gate of bamboo f
Bamboo Forest Te Lingong Spring
Baishou Garden Imperial tablet
Rock writing by Path in bamboo f
Group sites of S Mei Ling
Azalea garden Yunjin Hutch
Zhaoyin ancient Fei Yun Building

Picture of Nanshan in Misty Rain" is the appraisal on Nanshan by Mr. Mi Fei, famous painting and calligraphy master in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Nanshan Tourist Area in Zhenjiang is really an interesting place. It is a National AAAA Tourist Area, National Forest Park, famous provincial level tourist area featured with graceful natural landscapes and abundant human landscapes, 2 kilometers to the city center,, total area 15.58 square kilometers, including Wenyuan Bamboo Forest, Zhaoyin Temple, Huanghe Mountain, Moji Mountain, Lianhua Cave and other spots, featured with deep, primitive, simple but elegant, bright and clear and beautiful, called as "Nanshan in Misty Rain", "town forest".

The scholars and the artists in all ages lived and visited here, left over rare historic sites and books. Emperor Liu Yu in Song Dynasty once stayed here for farming, herbs gathering, firewood cutting, digging spring and hunting; Xiao Tong,the Prince Zhao Ming in Liang Dynasty lived here for reading, and invited the talents to compile in Zenghua Building "Anthology", the first poem general collection in Chinese literature history; " Wen Xin Diao Long" was composed by Liu Xie in Southern Dynasties. Mi Fei, Mi Youren father and son, the painting and calligraphy masters in Northern Song Dynasty lived here for 40 years, created "Mi Shi Yun Shan" paint style; Dai Ji, the famous statuary and musician in Liu Emperor and Song Emperor of Southern Dynasty, excused himself from the Emperor's rescript, and lived in solitude for drinking, climbing mountain and playing musical instrument. He composed the melodies of "Guang Ling", "You Xian", Zhi Xi" and other ancient songs; Zhou Dunyi once studied and dug Mao Shu Lian Well and composed "Lotus Appraisal"; Su Dongpo, Wang Anshi, Zeng Gong, Luo Binwang and other masters composed many famous songs and books here.

Natural ecology of Nanshan, chain of mountains, trees and tall bamboo, high mountain and clean water, spring and rivers, boundless virgin forests, thousands of orchards, and tea gardens, 360 kinds of trees and flowers, 80 kinds of birds and beasts, all of them ranked the first in Shanghai-Nanjing area. There are many historic sites in Nanshan, such as: Zenghua Building, Reading Platform, Jizu Temple, Hearing Bird Song Garden, Hupao Spring, Lupao Spring, Lingong Spring, Yijiang Pavilion, Yurui Pavilion, Rusi Pvilion, Everlasting Pavilion, Niaowai Pavilion, Wenxin Building, Xuelin House, Shiku Tanyou and other historic sites. Tourists can drink tea, taste spring water, enjoy flowers, pick fruits, explore caves, hear bird songs. It is a excellent place for studying, tour, entertainment, holiday and body building.

Students visit Nanshan for enjoying landscape, climbing mountain; Young people visit Nanshan for recreation and body building; Old people visit Nanshan for happiness, good health and longevity.